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To copy and paste the banner, select the code below the banner of your choice, and hit CTRL-C on your keyboard. You can now paste that code where necessary by hitting CTRL-V.

Femme Fatale Directory Banner


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Femme Fatale Directory Banner 2


Femme Fatale Directory Banner 2


Then, send us an email with the following information:

  • The URL location of the FemmeFataleDirectory reciprocal banner on your website.
  • Your Mistress name for public display
  • Your Website URL for public display
  • Your Email for public display
  • Your location for public display. Please include: Country, Region, City / Town
  • Attach a good quality portrait style photograph or let us know the URL where we can copy one from your website. This should be in the ratio of 160 pixels wide by 230 pixels in height as the minimum size
  • Confirm whether you wish to have a Free Listing or a Premier Listing.


If you would like to take advantage of the Premier Listing - let us know by email and we will send you payment details.

Once your profile has been accepted for Premier Listing you can place the Premier Mistress Badge as below on your Index/Entrance Page:

Premier Mistress Badge

Link to: http://www.FemmeFataleDirectory.com